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DynaSet Book Worm

A simple application for managing your books

  • License:
  • File:
    dsbw-1.11.zip (2868 KiB)
  • Installation:
    Unzip somewhere, run dsbw.exe.
  • Changes:
    • 1.11: Used libraries updated
      About box modified
    • 1.10: Italian translation added by Mario Manuzzi.
      About.html templated
      Language table and functions added
    • 1.09: property table added
      Search button is set default
    • 1.08: Export as HTML implemented. (Suggested by Vadim Zeitlin)
    • 1.07: Export as CSV implemented. (Suggested by Vadim Zeitlin)
      Note: separator is TAB character.
    • 1.06: OnListColClick sortkey bug fixed
    • 1.05: Changed location of Title, Author fields
      Focus set to Title on new record
    • 1.04: Edit Menu added
    • 1.03: If there is no record (first usage or after deleting), then Add triggered. (reported by John Labenski)
      Set mandatory field's caption's color to red. (reported by John Labenski)
      Added "Clear 'Search For' to list all records" tooltip to Search button. (reported by John Labenski)
    • 1.02: Select Window for Category,Author,etc. added
    • 1.01: Misc.
    • 1.00: Initial release
  • ToDo:
    It would be good to get book details from Amazon,etc.
    Note: Vadim Zeitlin sent some code about subject; I'll work on it.
  • Implementation:
    Most of the code taken from wxLua samples.

    • dsbw.exe - Loader. You can use lua5.1.exe instead of it.
    • ds280u.dll - wxlua module, slightly modified and renamed to prevent conflicts. Compiled with static wx, and with my lua-wxsqlite3 module.
    • dsbw.lua - Bootstrap file (language is set here!)
    • db/* - Sqlite3 database created here.
    • src/* - dsbw.exe sources and Code::Blocks project file for wxlua module.
    • app/* - Application sources.
    • app/application.lua - Application code.
    • app/translations.lua - Translations. Technique taken from WebBook. You can translate the program modifying this file. Ex:
      tt["WebBook - Version 1.0"] = {
      tr = "WebBook - Sürüm 1.0",
      pt = "WebBook - Versão 1.0",
    • app/images.lua - Some xpm images.
    • app/help - Files for about box.
  • Used software:
    sqlite3-3.3.15 static
  • Thanks to:
  • Comments and suggestions are welcome.